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Workshop on new nanostructured hard coatings, Munich, Germany

The results on the development of new nanostructured hard coatings for aerospace and automotive applications developed in the MULTIPROTECT project and that will be investigate din the MUST project will be shown in a Workshop on 21 and 22 January 2009 in Munich, Germany

21 December 2008 - 22 January 2009

Due to environmental, health and economic considerations there is a strong need, today, to replace the presently used hazardous coating technologies, and to improve the use of light weight materials.

Over the last 4 years, the EU project MULTIPROTECT has aimed at the development of new corrosion resistant coatings for protection
of aluminium, magnesium and steel parts, by using clean and environmentally friendly processes based on sol-gel chemistry, galvanic processes and conductive polymers.
During this event, the outcomes of scientific activities, demonstrators and respective test results will be presented, either as oral
presentations or in an exhibition and the opportunity to discuss the results with involved industrial partners and testers will be

In the same workshop a new project, named MUST, will be presented.
The project MUST aims at providing new technologies based on active multi-level protective systems for future vehicle materials.
“Smart” release nanocontainers will be developed and incorporated in commercial paints, lacquers and adhesive systems to prepare new products exhibiting self-healing properties.
The main objective of MUST is to design, develop, test and apply coated materials and adhesives used as novel multi-level protection systems for future vehicles.