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Workshop and Tutorial on Grid Computing in Life Science, Catania, Sicily, 22-23 Jan 2009

A workshop and tutorial on modelling and simulation for drug discovery, and the life sciences more generally, will be held at the Science and Technology Park of Catania, Sicily, on 22-23 January 2009, organized under the auspices of the ImmunoGrid Consortium, the Cometa Consortium, the Science and Technology Park of Sicily, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the University of Catania.

22 January 2009 - 23 January 2009

Computational modelling is an increasingly important aspect of research in the life sciences and drug discovery. Complex models often require more computer power than is readily available in a single institution, and Grid solutions are being adopted to solve this problem.
The ImmunoGrid consortium was established in 2006 under Framework 6 to develop models of the human immune system ( Consortium members and their collaborators will present Grid based software and models during the event.
The Cometa consortium was established in 2005. During the last three years was involved in setting in Sicily a Grid infrastructure (Project PI2S2) between the major universities and research institutions (
The Science and Technology Park of Sicily (PSTS) is a consortium whose mission is enhancing the competitiveness of territory through research, innovation, technology transfer, dissemination of the culture of quality and training ( )
The workshop will be followed by a hands-on tutorial to demonstrate applications of the Grid to drug and vaccine discovery, a ligand docking program and an immune system simulator. Both the workshop and the tutorial will be suitable for and accessible to bench molecular biologists and clinicians.

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