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Helping you be more successful in getting your research projects off the ground!

The next S2L training session will be held in Budapest, in cooperation with the Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation, on 19 and 20 February 2009 with presentation from the National Contact Point for ICT. Register as soon as possible to secure your place!

29 January 2009 - 15 March 2009

The SMEtoLEAD (S2L) training programme, originally funded through an European Commission initiative, due to popular demand is continuing and offered commercially to all organisations that could benefit from EU funding The S2L team successfully presented at over 25 training sessions in 14 countries across Europe and beyond (Moscow in July 2007) to over 650 organisations - of which over 60% were Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) - the trainings were very successful with 84% of the trainees rating the S2L training programme good to excellent.

The Framework Programme for Research and Development of the European Commission is a unique instrument to help European organisations innovate. The 7th generation of this programme (FP7) will last until 2013 and has a budget of over 54 billion euros. However, organisations have historically been reluctant to engage in European Programmes for R&D due to perceived management issues and lack of understanding of EC mechanisms. And many participants fail to gain the full benefits of the programme as they are only passively involved. S2L offers to train organisations to be successful leaders of research projects.

The S2L team includes eleven National Contact Point partners, FP-experienced research organisations, FP Project Technical Advisers (PTA) and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) expert from a German law firm They will share best practices and tips in two one-day training modules: “Preparing for FP7 Success” and “Running winning FP7 projects”. The S2L training programme was awarded the ISO9001 quality certification by the international registered body, RINA.

S2L Training Participants gives their feedback:

Michael Mathiasen, of Finmekanisk Vaerksted, a small family-owned Danish company working in materials processing says that the training was “an eye opener to the possibilities of European R&D Programmes”. Following the training, Finmekanisk submitted a proposal to the EC which was positively evaluated “we are of course very enthusiastic about the whole thing. It is our first try on FP-projects. So, who knows where it might lead?! No wonder that I feel I learned something valuable at the SMEtoLEAD- sessions!” Sergio Pinto from Frontwave - Engenharia e Consultadoria, S.A. participants in a training session in Lisbon, said: “The trainers are brilliant. I emphasise their professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge. They make a heavy matter such as this one look easy”.

Training information is continuously updated on our internet website Contact for further details (next training, attendance fee, etc).