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Current Policy Issues in the Governance of the European Patent System

The Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel of the European Parliament published the final report of its project on 'Policy
options for the improvement of the European Patent system' in September 2007.

17 March 2009

As a follow up to this, in 2009 STOA launched the project 'Current Policy Issues in the Governance of the European Patent System'.

As a first step in the new project STOA is organising a conference with the goal of reviewing issues related to the current status of governance of the European patent system in view of the results of the previous project. One
important aim is to work towards building a system (forum or network) linking MEPs from different committees with other stakeholders in order to improve decision making on IP-related issues.

For that reason, we would appreciate your attendance at this conference.
The conference will be held in the European Parliament building (Room Anna Lindt, P1A002, Entrance rue Wiertz 60) in Brussels on 17 March 2009.

The programme of the conference is available at

We would be pleased if you could register no later than 6 March 2009 by using the following link: Registration form