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12th ICTPI International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation

July 13-14, 2009, Porto, Portugal

13 July 2009 - 14 July 2009

For more than one decade ICTPI has been a major event successfully bringing
researchers, business and policy-makers together to share their knowledge and
experience in issues of critical importance for the use of science and thechnology to
foster sustainable socio-economic development. Previous conferences have been held
in various places in Europe, US and Asia, as in the ICTPI website

This year, the conference is organized by the University of Porto and INESC Porto with
the support of UTEN Portugal (University Technology Entreprise Network) and in
cooperation with the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and will address
Science, Technology and Knowledge Networks and their central role in the
development of long term growth strategies to face the financial crisis. The theme and
motto of ICTPI09 is due to challenge us in developing strategic responses to the crisis
that integrate long-term concerns, by involving research and development, higher-
education and science-based innovation.

Interested authors are invited to submit electronically to by
April 15, 2009, 1-2 page abstracts of papers to be presented at the ICTPI09 in the
following areas:

a) New frontiers in science, technology and innovation for short and long term growth
strategies, including
- sustainable energy systems: property rights challenges, emerging carbon markets
and consumer trends
- multimodal transportation systems and infrastructure
- networking industries, cyber-physical systems and the emergence of new
generation networks
- manufacturing, engineering design and the role of new production systems
- nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and their convergence
- interactive digital media: a new dialogue between the arts, the humanities and

b) User-driven innovation and the role of lead markets: implication for private and
public strategies
- which balance for IPR protection, open access and knowledge diffusion?
- building evidence on user-driven innovation

c) Institutions for a new era
- how to foster university autonomy, diversity and integrity in times of increasing
financial constraints?
- knowledge networks and R&D consortia for new knowledge

d) Human resources strategies and policies
- how to balance the need to broaden the social context for innovation and to
strengthening advanced training and target research?
- learners and teachers for a learning society

Key note speakers and thematic sessions, as well as updates on the conference
program, will be posted at

The ICTPI09 is organized in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Porto, Portugal, the
sessions being held at Casa da Música, a unique piece of innovative architecture.