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New Trends and Tools in Food Safety, Workshop in Burgos, 18th June 2009

New Trends and Tools in Food Safety, Workshop in Burgos, 18th June 2009.

18 June 2009

Food safety is of fundamental importance to the European consumer, the food industry and the economy to ensure safe food and high quality. The impact on trade and competitiveness is very substantial. The EU FP6 project „PathogenCombat“ attacks this pan-European problem through a holistic, multidisciplinary approach towards threats from new/emerging pathogens in the entire food chain. The impact in Europe of PathogenCombat with 44 Partners from 17 countries is bound to be very significant.

Pathogen Combat will contribute strongly to improve the effectiveness and uniformity in reducing the prevalence of foodborne Pathogens in European food.

The symposium will be structured around 5 main topics highlighting scientifically areas and results:

Emerging pathogens including HEV, TBEV and MAP
2. Hygienic design in food processing
3. A Novel Strategy for Food Formulation, Food Preservation and Quantitative Risk Assessment
4. Monitoring food safety and prediction of foodsafety at time of consumption
5. Trends in food safety management for SMEsFor more information refer to:


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