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ForTransRIS Project Final Seminar:

You are cordially invited to the the ForTransRIS Project Final Seminar: "Europe 2020. From interregional co-operation to the Opening up of Regional Innovation Systems in Europe. What can EU Regions offer and what do they need?" That will take place in Casa Liguria (Rue de Luxembourg 15, Brussels)on March 18th.

18 March 2009 - 18 March 2009

ForTransRIS Project, a Coordination Action funded by 6th Framework Programme lead by Navarra, delivers a specific experience involving 5 regions on the use of Foresight as a practical tool for the design of common Regional Innovation Strategies: Navarra (Spain), Bretagne (France), Liguria (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden).

The Seminar is aimed at RTDI Policy-Makers and Innovation Stakeholders from EU regions and countries interested of the co-operation and integration of their Regional Innovation Strategies at EU level, Scientific experts and practitioners of Strategic Policy Intelligence Tools and Foresight, and Policy-makers in the development of coherent RTDI policies at EU level, mainly in the DG Research and DG Regio.

Results and outcomes from the ForTransRIS project will be disseminated, mainly a practical Methodology Guide for the development of trans-regional foresight exercises on regional innovation strategies issues, applicable by all EU regions interested on further opening up their innovation systems. Other success stories at the EU level on the Opening Up of regional innovation systems will also be exchanged during the Seminar.

The main objective of the ForTransRIS project was to incorporate trans-regional foresight processes, as an essential tool in order to motivate a new Regional Innovation System model in the EU, based on trans-regional cooperation and knowledge and technology transfer. This model defines new roles for the companies, research centres and regional authorities and to give an effective answer to the changes on technology and markets.


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