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Where to get funds/grants for Research & Technological Development? Information Conference & Workshops

The Research & Technological Development (RTD) FUNDING FORUM is the first information event and training / workshop involving public and private, regional and international RTD funding providers. The conference will take place at 12 & 13 June 2009 in Zurich. Join the conference and get to know more about "Where and how to get funds/grants for R&D" and “How to deal with funds"!

12 June 2009 - 13 June 2009

European Framework Programme 7, EUREKA/Eurostars, COST, National Science Foundations, SME Support Programmes, ERC, European Investment Bank, Venture Capital, Private Equity etc.: Do you know about these funds for RTD?

Money providers from both resources expect results – new knowledge, excellent young researchers/careers, novel methods and improved products which meet the need of the citizens – and therewith an economic impact at long term. A multitude of funding institutions are ready to feed researchers at all stages of their career with fellowships or financial contributions for projects (more and more often jointly with companies).

However, it is a real challenge to get an overview. For a stable cash flow for a research team, an R&D intensive company or the planning of a competitive career an overview is crucial. The Funding Forum for RTD (Research and Technological Development) intends to contribute to a better understanding about funds available for research and technological development.

On a single day, the research community will have access to very useful information about funds by speeches and testimonials of researchers and high-tech companies, which are experienced with specific money resources. We will have the critical mass of public and private funding institutions, foundations and major initiatives present with their booths (at the so called Science Market.). On the second day participants can learn more about how to apply successfully for funds and how to deal with funds in special workshops.

Target audience
- professorial & non-professorial faculty of universities
- PhD students
- business developers & CEOs of innovative SMEs
- research managers & administratorsFor more information, please visit: