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1st European Innovation Summit 13-14 October 2009

The European Innovation Summit taking place in the European Parliament on 13-14 October 2009 in Brussels will turn the European Parliament into an Innovation Showcase, with the aim to strengthen Europe's innovation performance.

13 October 2009 - 14 October 2009

The 1st European Innovation Summit (EIS) which is organised by the Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) / Lisbon Forum will turn the European Parliament into an Innovation Showcase from 13 to 14 October 2009. Highlights of the Summit include exhibitions, conference sessions, networking events, a special welcome reception for new and returning MEPs and a Plenary Session with José Manuel Barroso (tbc) for “Europe’s Future Nobel Prize Winners”. The event provides a unique opportunity for organisations to demonstrate and explain how they contribute to make Europe a global leader in innovations. The Summit takes place during a time of change in the EU Institutions, when new faces and strategies will be introduced, including the formulation of a new innovation policy.

Besides hundreds of students attending and potentially every school in Europe being connected live via the Parliaments Internet-TV channel EuroparlTV, the event will gather policy makers from the EU Institutions, Member States, regional organisations and stakeholders from the academic and private sectors with different backgrounds and expertise. The main goal of the EIS is to raise awareness about the significance of generating and managing more and better innovations to sustain Europe’s future. The EIS will help to achieve a mutual understanding of each other’s role and enhance cooperation among the different innovation actors.

The K4I / Lisbon Forum was launched in the European Parliament in December 2008 and is designed specifically for policy makers and the business and science communities to effectively introduce their respective agendas and address the most pressing issues concerning Europe's knowledge based economy and society. During the first General Meeting of K4I Members and Members of the EP, it was acknowledged that in order to take advantage of – and lead – the global knowledge economy, Europe must reconsider its strategic agenda, the role of the EU Institutions, allocation of budgets and revisit relevant policies and projects from European to local levels. K4I connects the broad base of innovation stakeholders at the EU level to the European Parliament and the other EU Institutions.

The European Innovation Summit 2009 is designed to be the major annual innovation event in Europe and the highlight in a series of debates, organised throughout the year in the framework of K4I’s Lisbon Forum in the European Parliament.

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