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3rd BITES workshop - European Biofuel most successful practices in Stockholm

On the occasion of the “World Bioenergy & Clean Vehicle and Fuels 2009 Conference & Exhibition”, organized in Stockholm from 16th to 18th September 2009 as part of the Swedish European Union Presidency, BITES EU funded project will held its 3rd Workshop on European Biofuels Best Practices.

17 September 2009

BITES (Biofuels Technologies European Showcase) project main objective is finding, discussing and disseminating the best and proved successful European initiatives of biofuel use. BITES experts work in 3 interrelated angles for achieving these purposes, taking into account the most suitable biofuel production and distribution chains, the assessment of the national and European energy legislation and a viable business profile for the easy introduction in markets.

This workshop will be a unique opportunity for discover the 24 European biofuel most successful initiatives that project partners have included in a Best Practices Show Case, focusing on this occasion on the Swedish cases and biofuel developing situation in the country.

The 3rd BITES Workshop will be organized under the supervision of SVEBIO (Swedish Bioenergy Association), one of BITES project six partners. SVEBIO, composed by 300 member companies and organizations, aims to increase the use of bioenergy in an environmentally and economically optimal way. It is also one of the organizers of the “World Bioenergy & Clean Vehicle and Fuels 2009”.

“World Bioenergy & Clean Vehicle and Fuels 2009” combines this year in Stockholm the World Bioenergy Conference, the world’s premier bioenergy event, with Clean Vehicles & Fuels, the leading European event for sustainable transport solutions.