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Skill development for EU Grant Preparation - Innovative Medicines Initiative & FP7

Training course on writing a grant proposal, September 4th 2009, Brussels

4 September 2009

The details of EU grant programs are available on the web. You do not need to waste time hearing about the structure of the EU, or about call topics in which you have no interest.

You do need to sharpen your grant writing skills and learn how to overcome the biggest barrier to all who write grant proposals - PROCASTINATION.

With emphasis on the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and FP 7 grants, past experiences will be used to highlight the pitfalls of grant writing and how you can strengthen your own skills.

Let's face it - EU grants have become more competitive and more than ever proposals need to be perfect in every aspect.

Topics that will be covered:

- How to overcome grant writing procastination.

- Cat herding - managing the partners in your consortium.

- Planning and project management: What works and what doesn't

- Making excel work for you - how to minimize the aggravation brought on by all those forms, tables and budgets.

- Thinking like an evaluator.

- Writing a proposal they cannot say no to.

- When do I do what - a practical step by step guide to completing your proposal.

This course is taught within a project management framework, so the student comes away not only knowing more about EU grants, but also what to do next.

The course is located in the Brussels airport and will begin at 1000 and end at 1700.For further information, please visit


Innovative Medicine Initiative, Joint Technology Initiatives