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Entrepreneurship in Biophotonics

The European Network of Excellence for Biophotonics "Photonics4Life" organizes a modular training course for everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship in Biophotonics from September 7 – 18, 2009 in Brussels, Belgium.

7 September 2009 - 18 September 2009

To foster innovation in Biophotonics Photonics4Life aims to support business ideas, start-ups and spin-outs from university, R&D organisations and companies to increase their chances of success. Beside dedicated lectures on business economics, business ideas proposed by the participants are taken up and a business plan will be developed. The course is divided in 3 modules:

Module 1, 7. – 9. September
Introduction to Business Economics

This module gives people, without any economic training, a comprehensive introduction to general business economics, with the emphasis on entrepreneurship. It covers a wide range
of disciplines, including financial management, marketing and industry dynamics, it is the shortcut to a better understanding of
the modern company.

Module 2, 10 & 11. September
Business Economics of Biophotonics

Essential non-technological business aspects of the biophotonics industry are addressed. The focus is placed on two growing sectors in the industry: medical imaging and micro-optical systems in diagnostics. Presentations by industry leaders give a more complete understanding of these biophotonics markets. There will be an examination on modules 1 and 2, on the 12th of Sept., for those participants who would like to earn 3 ECTScredits (prerequisite: general economics course).

Module 3, 14. – 18. September
Biophotonics Business Project

The second week is focused on developing (parts of) a business plan for the participants Biophotonics invention. Teamwork as well as individual work will guide the participants through some required components of a business plan: idea, product, market, value chain, strategy, etc. Since there is teamwork involved,
every participant of this project will need to sign a NDA. Project topic should be submitted by Monday, August 17th. The organisation
assesses whether the topic fits the scope of the business project and has the right to reject the project proposal. Acceptance of the project topic will be announced on Monday, the 17th of August.

The intensive training is open to everybody. Module 1 & 2 can be booked as a package for a fee of 750.– € for academic participants and level 2 IUC members. For other companies it will cost 1500.– €. If module 3 is added the price rises to 1000,– € and 2000.– € respectively.For more information, visit
Registration and information by e-mail at:

To register, please provide your Name, Institute/Company, Invoicing Address, VAT, Phone, Fax and E-mail.