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Workshop: European RTD in the field of ICT & Ageing: Lessons learned & issues for the future - 16 December 2009, Brussels

The workshop will aim at identifying RTD achievements in relation to the Action Plan on Information and Communications Technology for Ageing Well; and at examining what issues deserve particular attention in further work programmes. Participants are requested to fill in a questionnaire in preparation of the workshop.

16 December 2009

In the European Commission’s Action Plan on Information and Communications Technology for Ageing Well it is stated that better leveraging of the potential provided by ICT for independent living in an ageing society is both a social necessity and an economic opportunity. Three core areas are highlighted where ICT generally provides positive potentials:
• Ageing well at home: enjoying a healthier and higher quality of daily life for longer, assisted by technology, while maintaining a high degree of independence, autonomy and dignity.
• Ageing well in the community: staying socially active and creative, through ICT solutions for social networking, as well as access to public and commercial services, thus improving quality of life and reducing social isolation.
• Ageing well at work or ‘active ageing at work’: staying active and productive for longer, with better quality of work and work-life balance with the help of easy-to-access ICT, innovative practices for adaptable, flexible workplaces, ICT skills and competencies and ICT enhanced learning (resp. e-skills and e-learning).
Sessions of the workshop will be organised around those three core areas.More information at :


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