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The Industry Day dedicated to industry representatives of the IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM) project will take place on the 25th April 2012 in Berlin. The objective of the meeting will be to develop the potential for exploitation, cooperation and synergies.

25 April 2012

The vision of the ITFoM project is to build a personalised patient model. This "virtual patient" will support clinicians and general practitioners in their medical therapy decisions, allowing them to choose the optimal treatment for each individual and predict future health risks.

The idea behind ITFoM is to lead the way towards precision health care. In order to achieve this goal, industry will play a vital role in the implementation strategy. The Industry Day offers the perfect opportunity to clarify the industry–ITFoM partnership and is intended to provide a forum to intensify links with different sectors of industry. The scope of the Industry Day is to enable in-depth discussion about concrete cooperation strategies with a variety of fields of industry. The goal of the meeting is not only to raise awareness of the necessity of the interactions between scientists and representatives of industry in general but of the industrial relevance and involvement possibilities in ITFoM specifically.

Examples of the mutual benefits coming from the collaboration between industry and ITFoM are the ICT advances. Both the ICT sector and ITFoM stand to benefit from collaboration. Another major benefit for industry lies in the public perception: issues like privacy are perceived differently whether they are driven by industry or by a public international consortium.

The Industry Day of the ITFoM project will take place on the 25th April 2012 from 10:00 – 17:00 in Harnack House in Berlin.
More information about the ITFoM project at

ITFoM is a collaborative stream of ICT, the life sciences, public health and medicine and is one of six selected pilot actions in the EU’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship Scheme.

The aim of ITFoM is to create a “virtual patient” by developing general models of human pathways, tissues, and ultimately of the whole human. The potential benefits are enormous in terms of reduction of healthcare costs as well as for each individual patient: identification of efficient drug combinations on an individual basis; substantial advances in disease prevention and treatment; better data access and use for health professionals, healthcare systems, and researchers.

ITFoM is preparing for the amalgamation of 5 areas:
(i) medicine, from sample and diagnosis provision to clinical practice and patient consent;
(ii) analytical techniques, covering functional genomics and imaging technology analyses on a routine basis;
(iii) IT developments required to address the computational challenges;
(iv) integration, developing interfaces, modelling and machine learning tools required to integrate the data generated through the different analysis streams, and to inform relevant health providers;
(v) a coordination work package will address the administrative, educational, funding and translational components of the work.

The project brings together partners and associated members from the whole of Europe and beyond, including world leading academic institutes and multinational companies such as IBM, Intel, XEROX, Roche, Illumina, Life Technologies and Agilent.