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MarineTT Stakeholder Workshop on Barriers to Knowledge Capture and Transfer in Brussels, Belgium

The MarineTT project will host “An Open Stakeholder Workshop to Explore Challenges to Effective Knowledge Capture and Transfer”.

23 May 2012

On Wednesday 23 May 2012 the MarineTT project will host “An Open Stakeholder Workshop to Explore Challenges to Effective Knowledge Capture and Transfer”.

The interactive workshop will take place in the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts (KVAB), Brussels.

The workshop will feature short flash presentations on the Knowledge Transfer needs from the Key End User Stakeholders Perspective (Policy – EU and Member states and Industry) and the knowledge management experiences of other EU funded projects. The aim of the workshop will be to map the barriers to effective transfer and to develop possible solutions.

Innovation from research is integral to the future growth of the European economy. “We need to get more innovation out of our research. Cooperation between the worlds of science and the world of business must be enhanced, obstacles removed and incentives put in place.” Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative Innovation Union COM (2010) 546 final.

MarineTT is a timely FP7 support action that has been piloting new methodologies and tools for capturing, analysing and transferring knowledge from past and in-progress EC projects. The overall aim is to develop improved systems that can measurably demonstrate value creation from research investments.

David Murphy from AquaTT – coordinator of MarineTT explains the need for hosting the event - “Over 24 man months of data collection and analysis have provided a number of insights into the way knowledge from EU funded projects is managed and the barriers stakeholders have encountered in accessing this knowledge. Uptake of the knowledge and ultimately its impact is being compromised by these practices. This event intends to bring stakeholders with a vested interest in knowledge to share experiences which can be used to inform best practice going forward”.

Results of the workshop will be incorporated into a MarineTT “Best Practice Guidelines for Marine Research Knowledge Transfer” which will feed into a 2nd MarineTT Workshop that will broaden the scope of discussion to include the entire knowledge management chain across sectors. Outcomes from both MarineTT workshops will identify commonalities in Knowledge Management barriers and potential solutions which can be used to help inform future research design to ensure impact from research.

For further details on the workshops or any aspect of the MarineTT project contact
David Murphy ( +353 1 644 9008) or go to