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Writing Effective Proposals in English for FP7 in Brussels, Belgium

A 2 day workshop that equips you with the skills to write effectively in English, then applies this to an FP7 proposal structure. We use real case studies to guide you through content generation and development.

19 June 2012 - 20 June 2012

Workshop agenda

Day 1

Learn the five key features of a stand-out proposal that connects, persuades, and succeeds.

Good non fiction writing is a skill that can easily be learned regardless of the subject matter. How you write and structure your proposal will have an impact on its readability and success.

The 1st day agenda will cover.

Examining what a proposal is — regardless of its form
The five key elements of successful proposals
A model proposal framework
Why 'you' is everything
The science of persuasion — how people decide
Offering solutions your reader can see
Making benefits real
Practical tips on structure and style
Managing a virtual proposal team

Day 2

You will learn how to complete a standard FP7 proposal template. The workshop is based on practical examples and will cover how to gather and edit content for each proposal section.

The 2nd day agenda will cover

Review of the proposal structure
Understanding the customer requirements
How to develop your concept and objectives
Building project structure and management
Key messages to get across
Being innovative in every section
Following a credible proposal time line

One of our last attendees said;

"I think the training gives you crucial information to prepare a FP7 proposal."

Djuna Cahen :- Erasmus University medical centre
This workshop is highly practical and based on developing English writing skills before applying this to a FP7 template.

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to write better proposals in English for European and FP7 funding.
100% Money back guarantee

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19/20 June 2012

Language: English

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Hodos also provides a 100% Money back guarantee on all workshops if you are not satisfied.