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Bioenergy in Smart Grids at Milan Convention Center MiCo, Italy

The special event of the 20th EBC&E on “Bioenergy in Smart Grids” will focus on the application of bioenergy in future energy supply structures with a high share of renewable energy. Virtual power plants, energy management systems are further synonyms for a very important task for the bio energy scene: The definition of the future role of biomass in combination with other renewable energy forms and its integration in the grids. The event will give the opportunity for both communities (smart grids and bioenergy) to merge their specific views on the topic and to give each other a deeper insi

21 June 2012 - 21 June 2012

In the first part of this event a vision on the future role of bioenergy will be given. The second Part will give an overview on worldwide smart grid initiatives. In the third part of the event selected projects with bioenergy applications will be presented.

Programme Outline

Session 1: Smart Grids and Bioenergy, the Link:

The Role of Smart Grids in RE Scenarios
The Future Role of Bioenergy in Energy Supply Structures, a Vision

Session 2: Smart Grid Initiatives Worldwide:

Smart Grid Initiatives in Europe
Smart Grid Initiatives in US
The E-Energy Initiative in Germany
Smart Grid Deployment in Italy

Session 3: Selected Smart Grid Projects with Bioenergy Applications
Day: Thursday, 21 June 2012

Time: 13:30 - 18:30

Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink, European Commission, DG JRC, Institute for Energy, Ispra, Italy, Dr.-Ing. Bernd Krautkremer, Fraunhofer Institute IWES, Head of Bioenergy System Technology, Germany

For further information:
Angela Grassi, ETA-Florence Renewable Energies