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Job Opportunities in the Biomass/Bioenergy Sector at Milan Convention Center in Milan, Italy

This special event of the 20th EU BC&E on “Job Opportunities in the Biomass/Bioenergy Sector” addresses the main challenges emerging in the field of education for the biomass/bioenergy sector.

20 June 2012 - 20 June 2012

"Bio-themes" appear in different established courses (agriculture, mechanical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, etc.). There are numerous bio related topics and therefore education has to cover both the full bandwidth of this sector as well as the depth of each of its topics. Thus different education models are available in Europe.

This event will bring together companies, potential candidates and universities, identifying their needs and discussing the crucials for qualified staff for the biomass/bioenergy industry.

Target audience: companies, students and universities in the field of biomass/bioenergy

Programme Outline

Session 1: How to find the right candidate

Educational background of candidates for the biomass industry
Company's requirements for qualified personnel
Companies describing job opportunities

Session 2: What universities have to offer to students interested in "Bio-themes"

Universities present different concepts behind certain courses in the field of biomass/bioenergy
Presentation of courses around biomaterial and bioenergy in different countries:
For students interested in an academic career in biomass/bioenergy
For universities offering postgraduate studies in biomass/bioenergy

Session 3: What biomass/bioenergy students expect from universities

Students describing their experiences
In the afternoon: Bioenergy Job and Academic Fair

Meetings in exhibition area for companies, potential candidates and universities.

Day:Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time:08:30 - 10:30


ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Italy
University of Florence, Italy

For further information:

Stefano Capaccioli, ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

David Chiaramonti, University of Florence

For more information: