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Using Medical Research to Inform Medical Practice

This training workshop is conducted by the Yale Centre for Analytical Sciences, Yale School of Public Health, and the University of Nicosia.

5 September 2012 - 7 September 2012

This workshop will expose you to the basic principles of biostatistics and study design in health research. You will be immersed in in-depth, integrated, participatory and interactive sessions, which will allow you to both digest the concepts presented, as well as absorb new strategies in real-work environments. The didactic approach will foster a constructive process where you will own the outcomes.

The workshop is open to researchers, administrators or executives in private or public organisations or academia involved in the design, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of health research/ services in Cyprus, the European Union and neighbouring Mediterranean countries.

All four instructors are researchers at the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences, Yale University School of Public Health. They have extensive experience in the conceptualization, design, execution and analysis of medical research projects. Their complimentary expertise in areas of research methodology, biostatistics and training in the context of health research ensures a very content-rich workshop.More information: