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Second call for SESAR WP-E Research Projects launched

EUROCONTROL is launching on behalf of the SESAR Joint Undertaking the second call for WP-E (ATM long term and innovative research) Projects. The purpose of this Call for Tenders is to award contracts for WP-E Projects.

31 May 2012 - 18 October 2012

The contracts will be awarded in up to five Lots, each Lot consisting of projects in one of the five themes as follows:
Lot 1: Projects on the theme Towards Higher levels of Automation in ATM
Lot 2: Projects on the theme Mastering Complex Systems Safely
Lot 3: Projects on the theme System Architecture and System Design
Lot 4: Projects on the theme Information Management, Uncertainty and optimisation
Lot 5: Projects on the theme Enabling Change in ATM

A total budget of 9mEuro is available to co-finance research projects on the themes set out in the call documentation. Each project may request maximum co-financing of 300kEuro or 600kEuro depending on the type of project as described in the Technical Specifications.

Who should tender
Universities, research establishments, industry and/or other organisations from within ECAC that have the capability to carry out ATM-related research activities. A tender may be submitted by a single entity or a consortium as described in the call documentation.

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