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ENCITE hands-on "Cell tracking with MRI"

MRI cell tracking, the major hallmark of ENCITE, is the method of choice for preclinical investigations of revealing cell dynamics in vivo in an intact organ or animal.

7 November 2012 - 9 November 2012

This workshop is organized by the In-vivo-NMR Laboratory, a member of the Multi-Center Cluster of ENCITE for training of cell tracking aspects. The In-vivo-NMR Laboratory is one of the leading European centers for ultrahigh field small animal MRI, equipped with 3 state-of-the-art MRI systems for rodent investigations (Bruker Biospec 7.0 9.4 and 11.7T).

This workshop is dedicated on elucidating principle requirements for in vivo MRI based cell tracking, using a combination of basic lectures about the experimental workflow and technical equipment coupled with hands-on demonstrations on each experimental step. Beyond the introductory sets of tools for cell tracking, current cutting-edge methods, like 19F MRI and multimodal approaches, will also be discussed.

Organizers: Markus Aswendt and Mathias Hoehn


Aneta Brud
MPI for Biological Cybernetics, High-field MR, Tübingen/DE

Uwe Himmelreich
KU Leuven, Biomedical MRI, Leuven/BE

Philipp Boehm-Sturm
MPI for Neurological Research, Cologne/DE

Jörg Seehafer
medres – medical research GmbH, Cologne/DE

Please find detailed information on the workshop as well as the preliminary program at www.

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Magnetic Resonance; Imaging