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How to write a successful proposal under FP7? - Online Training

A step-by-step methodology towards success.

Training being held by former EC Officers having hands on experience in EU R&D projects.

8 October 2012 - 12 October 2012

8,9,10,11,12th October 2012: 2h per day, from 12h30 to 14h30

Day 1: 2 hours

Key recommendations and overall methodology for project design and proposal

o Methodology, tips and key recommendations to ensure the qualitative drafting of your project

Methodology for project design — Analysis of the calls for proposals and EC work programme

o Methodology on how to read and decode the calls for proposals to understand the European Commission’s expectations and how to angle your project accordingly

Day 2: 2 hours

Methodology for project design - Define a relevant idea & strategy

o Part B1”Concept and Objectives” of the EC proposal: How to define your project idea? Strategic thinking - Key-factors of success

o Part B3 “Impact”: How to write the part “expected impact”? How to draft a communication and exploitation plan?

Day 3: 2 hours

Methodology for project design - Structure a coherent project (1st part )

o Part B1.3 ”Scientific methodology and related work plan” of the EC proposal: From the initial idea to a structured and coherent project: Step-by-step Methodology and examples

o Pert diagram and Gant Chart

o WP description

Day 4: 2 hours

o Part B2 “Implementation” of the EC proposal:

“Consortium as a whole”: how to design the profile of the future successful projects, define the “ideal” consortium and how to find them ?

“Individual description”: how to valorize your organization?

“Project organisation and governance”:link between your project and its organisation (not « one size fits all » approach)

(Budget: see the Webinar specifically dedicated to the financial aspects of your FP7 project)

Day 5: 2 hours

Proposal writing and submission

o Part B: How to fill properly the submission forms of the European Commission

Advice on proposal editing: « dos/don’ ts »
Best practices