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New skills and jobs: which employment pathways for Europe?

This conference will critically address the state of affairs of employment and unemployment in Europe.

28 September 2012

At a time when more than 25 millions Europeans and nearly 5.5 million young people (under 25) are unemployed in the EU 27 (10.4% of population in age of working), there is no room for complacency. The current crisis which has unfolded since 2008 has taken its toll and it is important to look objectively at all useful experiences and lessons that can be drawn in successful member states.

The conference will thus address the following important issues. First, what sort of skills do we need in Europe? We need to develop skills that will not only be available for jobs where we have deficits of applicants, we also need to develop the skills of the future. In this regard, the roles of education and lifelong learning have to be looked at again. Secondly, unemployment has become in many European Member States a vicious circle which has negative impacts on the skills of unemployed people, especially young people. All policies and tools against unemployment should be carefully looked at while allowing to have access to quality jobs. In particular, Member States should assess how to improve the efficiency of their employment services. Third, unemployment can decrease if there are sufficient jobs in Europe. Europe thus needs to create new jobs, improving its productivity while developing new tasks that match the skills of the workers. Very interesting developments have taken place, often locally but remain ignored. The conference will unveil such experiences.
The conference is free and open to the public.
The conference will provide simultaneous translation in Greek and English.