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DGT conference: 'From DGT Research to Environmental Assessment'

The next edition of Diffusive Gradient in Thin Films – DGT Conference 2015: from DGT Research to Environmental Assessment– aims to provide a unique forum where experts from all around the word will meet to present the last advances in DGT techniques, to discuss their advantages as new tools for risk assessment and to highlight limitations and uncertainties.

28 September 2015 - 1 October 2015

It also aims to stimulate join activities to move this technique forward to be used in environmental monitoring programs in the framework of national and international legislation. A key issue for that development is the availability of suitable assessment criteria (for example EAC/EQS). In this sense, we encourage contributions focused on the combination of passive sampling and dossing approaches with bioassays.

Finally, we expect that DGT Conference 2015 will bring the occasion to promote interactions and future collaborations between scientists working in a wide range of environments.

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DGT, Environmental Assessment