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24th EBN Congress - New Frontiers for Innovative Entrepreneurs

EBN’s 24th Congress – New Frontiers for Innovative Entrepreneurs – explores life at the borders, presenting the latest ideas from thought-leaders, showcasing the entrepreneurs who are opening up the new frontiers, and allowing participants to see the future.

28 October 2015 - 30 October 2015

The 21st Century frontiers are no longer only physical. They exist at the forefront of business innovation, and include internationalisation, finance, creativity and the digital world. Entrepreneurs and innovators are at these borders, pushing the boundaries, creating opportunities, generating jobs and growth. While helping these frontierspeople to reach their goals are our EU|BICs (business and innovation centres), the intermediaries who provide daily support to the start-ups and SMEs creating the future. EBN’s 24th Congress – New Frontiers for Innovative Entrepreneurs – will explore these borders, presenting the latest ideas from thought-leaders, showcasing the entrepreneurs opening up these frontiers, allowing you to see the future of innovation, 28-30 October 2015 in Brussels.

Economic Context
Today’s economic challenges are allowing, some would say, forcing, entrepreneurs to exploit their creative skills at the new frontiers. For Europe, and indeed many parts of the world, the economic crisis of the past few years has been devastating. But, as with all situations, these downturns also throw up opportunities. It is also clear that the large global corporate companies have not been able to absorb the masses of unemployed people created by the crisis. And policy makers have now realised that entrepreneurs and innovators are the best people likely to create the jobs and growth the economy needs.

EBN’s Role
EBN is 30+ year success story. Initially created and funded by DG-REGIO but with sustainability in mind, EBN became a private, not-for-profit association of EU|BICs. Our task is to coordinate the activities of the BICs ensuring the best quality of service is delivered to start-ups and SMEs at regional level.

EBN’s role supporting today’s frontierspeople has never been more important. And that is why this year’s EBN Congress is focusing on where the frontiers are, who is working at crossing those frontiers, how EU|BICs are helping this activity, and celebrating the successes of some of the most innovate frontier businesses.

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