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Training session - Impact in Horizon 2020: how to boost your proposal?

Understand the Horizon 2020 programme between the lines and make the difference during the evaluation. Benefit from tips and advice provided by experts who have hands-on experience in Research and Innovation including from within the European Commission or having proven track records as Proposal writers (65% of success rate) and Project coordinators.

13 October 2015 - 13 October 2015

Session 1: How to define and describe the “innovative concept” of your project?
How to define an innovative concept?
How should this concept become the cornerstone of your proposal (“Excellence”, “Impact” and “Implementation” sections)?

Session 2: What are we talking about in the European projects: Impact ? Innovation ?
Understand the new objectives of the Horizon 2020 program regarding the impact and the innovation. Learn how to apply them in your projects.
Definition of research and innovation on European level.
Impact, a key element of your proposal success
Make a distinction between the innovative character of your research and innovation

Session 3: Which is the best integrated model to build your research and innovation project?
Which models to use to build your project: TRL, MRL, Value Chain, Impact, etc.?
An integrated model to build a relevant and coherent project: a methodology to draft a winning project.

Session 4: How to design your project to meet the market and societal requirements of the European Commission?
The integrated process to understand the proposals forms : research, application, usage, markets, societal challenges, etc.
Application to the submission forms

Session 5: What are the consequences on the consortium building as well as the risk assessment?
Consequences of innovation and impact on the building of your consortium: the concept of « value chain »
Consequences on the risk assessment all along the value chain
Application to the submission forms


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