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STORM First Public Workshop

The FP7 STORM project will organise its first public workshop (Ice Release Simulation and Ice Protection Technologies: A Step Forward) to present and discuss challenges and innovative solutions in simulation and technologies for icing conditions. The event will be hosted by STORM partner Office national d'études et de recherches aérospatiales (ONERA) in Lille, France, on 17th November 2015.

17 November 2015 - 17 November 2015

Speakers from both industry and academia will present the latest progress of the research done by the STORM partners in the domains of ice release mechanisms understanding and prediction, ice accretion within the engine environment and innovative Ice Protection Systems (IPS).

Registration is now open on STORM website:

Confirmed Speakers :
- Morgan Balland, Project Coordinator (SNECMA)
- Guillaume Linassier (SNECMA)
- David Hammond, " Ice build-up and shedding in gas turbine engines - Understanding the damage potential and the role of new materials " (Cranfield University)
- Carlos Bautista, "Ice blocks aerodynamic characterization and trajectory simulation" ( AIRBUS Spain)
- Emmanuel Radenac,"Experimental and numerical modelling of ice accretion in engine environment" (ONERA)
- Elmar Bonaccurso,"Innovative surface coatings for ice protection of aerostructures: engines, nacelles and wings (Airbus Group Innovations)
- Caroline Coat-Lenzotti,"Evaluation of Innovative Active Technology for PowerPlant ice protection" (Aircelle)