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Public Workshop on Nanoparticle analysis: present and future

On the 17th of November the public workshop on Nanoparticle analysis will be held in Brussels. The workshop will be jointly coordinated by the three projects, Nanodetector, Smartnano and Instant, addressing the FP7 topic “New methods for measuring, detection and identification of nanoparticles in products and/or in the environment”. The Public Workshop will be held the from 13:30 to 17:30 in Vienna House, Avenue de Tervueren 58 B-1040

17 November 2015 - 17 November 2015

The outcomes of Nanodetector, SmartNano and Instant will be illustrated and discussed during the workshop among with the joint project activities and the round robin tests results.

-Nanodetector will present its device for detection of nanoparticles, based on surface plasmon resonance microscopy, the application scenario and the results on the test campaign made on the seven devices delivered within the project.

-SmartNano will present its cost-effective technology platform that provides total solution "from sample-to-result" for the detection, identification, and measurement of engineered nanoparticles in a wide range of matrices, as explained in the section "Project".

-Instant will present its integrated tool for the extraction of ENPs from complex matrices and their subsequent detection and identification.

The participants are also invited to actively participate to the closing discussion panel on future needs in nanoparticle analysis.


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