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The EU-funded ERIFORE project will be presented at the 7th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC 2017) that will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, from 28 to 30 March 2017.

28 March 2017 - 30 March 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

NWBC is the leading event where research and industry meet to discuss recent wood-based biorefinery developments. The conference will cover new research results and industrial experience related to biorefining based on wood and/or on pulp mills:

- Biorefinery systems and processes
- Biorefinery products: chemicals, materials and fuels
- Economic and sustainability issues

The two-year ERIFORE project, which is developing a European roadmap for new models of research infrastructure collaborations in forest-based bioeconomy, will be presented on the final day of the conference (30 March).

For more information, please see:
conference website
ERIFORE project website