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Open Data in Action: Researchers, funders and industry to discuss the impact of life science data on innovation

The ELIXIR conference Open Data in Action: Life Science Data Infrastructure for Innovation will discuss the impact of bioinformatics resources and Open data on for innovation and knowledge economy.

4 February 2016 - 4 February 2016

Bioinformatics databases form an integral part of the data infrastructure in the life sciences, and act as the bedrock for future scientific breakthroughs in health, the environment and the bioindustries. How can we measure their impact? Do we understand the value of Open Data for innovation and knowledge economy? How can European union support Open data policies?

The ELIXIR conference Open Data in Action: Life Science Data Infrastructure for Innovation on 4 February 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, will discuss these and related questions form the perspectives of funders, infrastructure operators and users across industry and academia.

The programme of this one-day conference features talks form high level experts in in bioinformatics, health innovations and Open Data policies. The keynotes include:

• Robert-Jan Smits, Director General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
• Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR Director
• Pierre Meulien, Executive Director, Innovative Medicines Initiative
• Barend Mons, Chair of the High Level Expert Group on European Open Science Cloud

For press accreditation, please contact Joy Friesner,

ELIXIR is the European life-science infrastructure for biological information, an unique and unprecedented initiative that consolidates Europe’s national centres, services, and core bioinformatics resources into a single, coordinated infrastructure. It brings together Europe’s major life-science data archives and connects these with national bioinformatics infrastructures throughout ELIXIR’s member states.

ELIXIR is identifying core data resources that are essential to the larger international community and is developing a robust framework to secure their long-term sustainability and accessibility.

ELIXIR receives support from the European Union and is part of the European Union’s ESFRI roadmap - one of very few in the roadmap considered to be of global significance.


bioinformatics, research infrastructure