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REFRESH Policy Working Group on Voluntary Agreements

The EU-funded REFRESH project will be organising a workshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 19 June, 2018.

19 June 2018 - 19 June 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Interactive working group in Amsterdam: How can Voluntary Agreements between food value chain stakeholders be a key policy instrument for food waste reduction?

This working group is the first of a series of four workshops focusing on policy options to reduce food waste (organised between June 2018 and January 2019). The event aims to spotlight Voluntary Agreements as a policy instrument for more sustainable food systems. Member state representatives and policy experts will be invited to discuss this subject during the working group in June, targeting two key questions:
• Why are Voluntary Agreements key instruments for food waste reduction? and
• How can they be set up at the national level?

Previous research conducted within the REFRESH project has identified food waste drivers as cross-cutting by nature, and further studies highlighted the relevance of multi-stakeholder collaboration. In light of these findings, Voluntary Agreements and multi-stakeholder collaboration have been identified as key policy approaches to address the issue of food waste throughout food supply chains.

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