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EFMC Training course "Financial Management of H2020 Projects" in Istanbul, Turkey 7-9 November 2018

European Fund Management Consulting (EFMC) offers a 3-day H2020 practical training which is dedicated to the in-depth understanding of fundamentals of financial management of Horizon 2020 projects. Each day is divided into theoretical and practical parts with many opportunities for the participants to ask specific questions related to their businesses and clarifications of the outstanding issues.

The training is led by experienced former auditors of European institutions.

7 November 2018 - 9 November 2018



The full training course takes place over 3 days. Each day is divided into theoretical and practical parts with many opportunities for the participants to ask specific questions related to their businesses and clarifications of the outstanding issues. The trainings are held all over Europe and the number of seats is limited to 10 – this ensures that all the participants receive answers to their questions.

Training materials are based on the mistakes of hundreds of audited entities and projects, enriched with the lecturer’s experience and reinforced by a mix of learning methods, including lecture-style presentations, open discussions, case studies and group work. The course will acquaint the participants with the most essential financial rules and the EU projects environment from the very basics to the most advanced issues. It includes all the essentials for a solid understanding of the terminology, methods and procedures, and will guide you from the fundamentals, all the way to mastering financial management.

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Why participate in the training course?
To get practical insight into the following issues:
• To master the financial management of your H2020 project, in order to optimise the implementation of your project;
• To avoid financial mismanagement of your Horizon 2020 project;
• To differentiate eligible and ineligible costs;
• To see the difference in calculating personnel costs based on actual cost/unit costs;
• Subcontracting and third parties – how to avoid rejection of costs?
• Allocation of Travel costs, Equipment, Other costs and Overheads;
• To realise the responsibilities of coordinator;
• To be prepared for EC audits.

The training is based on the rules and obligations related to the management of a project funded under Horizon 2020.

Course Fees:
You may choose to follow the full 3-day course (recommended) but you may also opt to follow only 1 or 2 days of the training.
• Complete 3 Day Training / €1390 excl. VAT
• Days 1 + 2 / €990 excl. VAT
• Days 2 + 3 / €990 excl. VAT
• Day 3 - Audit Procedure / €690 excl. VAT

What is included
Participation in the training course includes:
• Electronic training materials
• Daily coffee breaks
• Lunches with non-alcoholic drinks
• Paper for notes and pens
• Free wireless Internet
• Certificate of attendance

After registration participants will receive venue information along with accommodation and transportation suggestions. All courses are organised in central and easily commutable locations.

Course Syllabus
The full course takes place over 3 days:
• DAY 1 - EU Environment and Legal Framework
• DAY 2 - Eligible / Non-eligible expenditures
• DAY 3 - The Audit Procedure

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