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Horizon 2020 Project Management and Finance

This course will introduce the first crucial steps for getting your project started on the right foot through practical tips and workshops.

11 December 2018 - 12 December 2018, Austria

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This 2-day training course will introduce the first crucial steps for getting a Horizon 2020 project started on the right foot, provide practical tips to ensure a sound technical implementation of your project, and go into the issues of financial management and reporting.

We recommend this course to those who are involved in everyday implementation and/or financial management of H2020 projects as well as to those who have just started implementing their project as a partner or coordinator, and do not yet have an in-depth knowledge on Horizon 2020 financial issues (for advanced level financial course, please check out our Horizon 2020 Master of Finance and Administration training course).

Here are the typical challenges you need to tackle while implementing your Horizon 2020 project:

- Going through the Grant Agreement Preparation (GAP) process and meeting deadlines;

- Preparing an effective Consortium Agreement, handling IPR issues, and getting your project started on the right foot;

- Managing non-performing partners, creating a team from individual partners, dealing with conflicts, managing internal reports, submitting official reports to the EC;

- Keeping your books and records in order, administering your costs and time spent on the project accurately;

- Handling financial issues related to cost eligibility, budget transfers, and payment arrangements;

- Conducting effective communication and PR internally, with the European Commission, the research community, the industry and the wider public.

Why participate in the "H2020 Project Management and Finance" course?
1. Trainers are actual H2020 Project Managers and Coordinators

This 2-day training course is built 100% on H2020 project experience and real-life examples. Our trainers and workshop leaders are flesh-and-bone project managers and coordinators, whose day-to-day work is to make sure that their multiple projects are implemented according to EC Grant Agreement, problems are promptly tackled, and project partners adequately assisted in legal, technical and financial management issues.

Over the years we have helped almost 1,000 project managers and coordinators in understanding the legal, technical and financial rules of the Research Framework Programme and managing European projects.

2. Lectures and practical workshops on H2020 project implementation and financial management

Experience Europa Media's unique "learning-by-doing" approach. Lectures and presentations with practical tips and stories are complemented by hands-on workshops and exercises throughout the two days.

Project Management and Technical Reporting

- Grant Agreement Preparation – road to success and things that could go wrong.

- Getting started – models on Consortium Agreement, advance payment, bank guarantees, and the kick-off meeting.

- IPR issues in practice – how to protect your background and how to benefit from the foreground.

- Technical reporting – how to fill in the online forms and compile the Part B of your report.

- Technical reviews – Get prepared for the best- and worst-case scenarios.

Financial Management and Reporting

- Financial rules of Horizon 2020 – how to harmonise EU rules with your national taxation and internal accounting principles.

- Eligible and non-eligible costs, cost statements – upgrading your financial admin system.

- Different calculation methods for Personnel costs – employees and consultants.

- Allocation of Travel costs, Equipment, Other costs, and Overheads based on practical examples.

- Subcontracting and third parties – how to avoid rejection of costs.

- Uploading reports to the Participant Portal – hints and tips to control your partners’ spending.

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