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First Conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine - A New Platform for Medicine of the 21st century

Registration and abstract submission are now open for the 1st conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine (EASyM) on October 26th-28th in Berlin. This international event will bring together scientists from all over Europe, including physicians, biologists, health professionals and specialists in mathematical/computational programming. The conference will focus on current examples of Systems Medicine and their ability to shape the future of medical care. More on:

26 October 2016 - 28 October 2016

Most diseases are multifactorial, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These diseases involve complex interactions within a patient’s body that are additionally influenced by external factors. Mathematical models and computer simulations have been successfully developed in biological research to achieve a better understanding of complex biological interactions. The application of such a systems approach in a clinical setting is called Systems Medicine and represents a powerful method to improve:

• Best practices of poly-pharmacology treatment in the elderly population
• Integration of personalized genomics, proteomics and clinical phenotyping
• Identification of biomarkers for early diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapies
• Molecular re-classification of disease thereby optimising P4 medicine and drug development

The aim of the European Association of System Medicine (EASyM ) is the implementation of Systems Medicine in European clinical research and healthcare.

EASyM has been initiated by the European FP7-funded Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM, EASyM is a charitable association open to everyone with an interest in personalised medicine and systems medicine. The association strives to integrate all relevant stakeholders, including clinicians, researchers, medical and patient organisations, industry, funders & policy makers. EASyM organises annual conferences, offers training in Systems Medicine, and provides regular updates about Systems Medicine development and findings, among many other activities.

EASyM was founded on 30th September 2015 in Brussels by 27 medical doctors, researchers and health care stakeholders from 12 different countries.

At the 1st Conference of EASyM, cases of successful usage of Systems Medicine will be presented, as well as talks and tutorials about big data, omics, bioinformatics, doctor and patient involvement as well as compliance with privacy regulations. Key note speakers include Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, Co-founder and Chairman of the P4 (predictive, personalised, preventive, participatory) Medicine Institute, Seattle, USA and Dame Janet Thornton, PhD, former director of EMBL-EBI. The conference is aimed at basic and clinical researchers in academia and industry who want to apply Systems Medicine approaches to address unmet clinical needs.

Dr. Charles Auffray, Chairman of EASyM, says: 'The European Association of Systems Medicine (EASyM) is now set to transform into a concrete action plan the road map of the Coordinating Action CASyM to implement Systems Medicine in Europe. This will be achieved in pilot projects tackling unmet medical needs through systems approaches of biological processes across organs and pathologies, leveraging European biomedical and ICT infrastructures. EASyM is committed to ensure that Europe speaks with a unified voice on the international scene to foster the development of the proactive and personalized medicine of the future.'

For further information, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Cesario, Communication Officer

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European Association of Systems Medicine e.V.
c/o JRC for Computational Biomedicine
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