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European IPR Helpdesk Annual Event: Digital Transformation - Intellectual Property (IP) and Blockchain Technologies

Contributed by: European IPR Helpdesk c/o Eurice GmbH

From 2018-12-12 to 2018-12-12, Belgium
Blockchain has for too long been associated solely with the digital currency Bitcoin. But what is Blockchain technology and what makes it a disruptive innovation? What’s the impact of Blockchain technology on Intellectual Property and the protection of it?

Join the European IPR Helpdesk Annual Event 2018 in Brussels to find out!
European IPR Helpdesk Annual Event: Digital Transformation - Intellectual Property (IP) and Blockchain Technologies
Blockchain ledgers create time-stamped records that cannot be retroactively altered. This makes them an ideal solution for proving when a given piece of work was first created and used. Such a system could eliminate doubts about who created a piece of IP, making it easier for creators to enforce their rights when instances of infringement occur.

The impact of the underlying technology in the numerous Blockchain protocols is certain to have a tremendous bearing on how we do business in the future. Already, the most important stakeholders in IP consider Blockchain technology a potential game changer for IP-intensive industries.

The European IPR Helpdesk will hold its Annual/Stakeholder Event in Brussels focusing on the role of IP with regard to latest technology trends in the field of Blockchain.

12 December 2018, 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Brussels, Belgium

The Annual Event with its lectures will raise awareness and launch an open exchange of views regarding the role of Blockchain technology concerning the future of IP.

Key talks will provide the opportunity to look at this hot topic from various perspectives. The UK-based law experts Ruth Burstall and Birgitt Clark will explain the potential impact of Blockchain technology on the IP-intensive industries first. The European Patent Office will share the lessons learned from their Blockchain conference which takes place just a few days before our Annual Event. SIM Powerchain from the Netherlands will present its experiences in combining technology with content for smart contracts, and act as validators of the information uploaded to the Powerchain – with a particular focus on FMCG (fast moving consumer goods). And, last but not least, the Austrian SME Vaultitude will demonstrate best practice in how to use Blockchain’s notary-like characteristics to make IP protection safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient.

More information on the agenda and participation can be found on the European IPR Helpdesk website:



    European IPR Helpdesk c/o Eurice GmbH

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