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Training Course on “Contractual aspects concerning the management of Horizon 2020 projects” (Turin, 16th-17th April 2019)

The course specifically addresses the needs of professionals and project managers involved in the management of H2020 actions. The course will help participants to effectively analyse the features of contracts between beneficiaries, to elaborate and manage such contracts with due attention to the EU legal framework and to IPR issues. It can also provide a useful opportunity for networking and sharing good practices.

16 April 2019 - 17 April 2019


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This training course will analyse the main problematics concerning the contracts related to the Grant Agreement of the main financing programmes of the EU. Contracts between beneficiaries and contracts between beneficiaries and third parties shall be considered.

In order to do this, cases that are used with regard to these projects by public institutions (universities, research institutions and other public institutions) and by other types of organizations (foundations, consortia, companies, etc.) shall be illustrated.

Problems stemming from the comparison between the legal base of the programmes and the rules and internal practices of the participants to the actions financed by the programmes shall be analysed during this course.

The main clauses concerning these contracts shall be analysed and models to be used in the management of projects funded by the European Union shall be illustrated.

The following topics will be covered during the course:

1) Grant Agreement and related contracts
2) Related contracts: common features
3) Consortium Agreement (CA)
3a) Definition and features of the CA
3b) Check-list on and structure of the CA
3c) Updating of the Grant Agreement (GA) and relationship between GA and CA
3d) Drafting of the CA and Subjects in the CA
3e) Comment on the main clauses and parts of the CA: preamble, operational provisions, financial provisions, discipline of intellectual property, general and final clauses
3f) Withdrawal from the CA, termination of the CA, sanctions
4) Contracts for the realization and use of intellectual property: IPR rules in EU Framework Programmes; contracts on the exploitation of results
5) Other contracts between beneficiaries: CA draft versions and preliminary declarations, secrecy agreement, material and data transfer agreement; spin-off companies
6) Contracts with third parties: subcontracts, contracts for the purchase of goods and services, other contracts
7) Contracts with collaborators

THE COURSE WILL BE HELD IN ITALIAN. Courses can also be offered in English on demand.

DATES: Tuesday 16th April (from 9 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.); Wednesday 17th May (from 9 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.).

VENUE: EU CORE Consulting (Via Santa Teresa 15, building A, first floor, 10121 Torino -

COURSE FEE: € 1100,00 +VAT. It is possible to benefit from a special rate for the registration of two or more people from the same Department/Office (€ 1000,00 +VAT each person). The fee includes tuition, full documentation (both in printed and electronic format), course certificate, coffee breaks and lunch.


For further information, detailed agenda and registration form, please refer to our website:


Horizon 2020, IPR, Consortium Agreement, Grant Agreement, Contracts


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Irene Liverani

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