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Solar fuel by SUN-to-LIQUID: Demonstration Event

The SUN-to-LIQUID project established a unique research plant to demonstrate the thermochemical synthesis of transportation fuels from water, carbon dioxide and high-flux solar radiation. It’s our pleasure to invite you to the SUN-to-LIQUID Demonstration Event at the solar fuel facility in Móstoles (Spain) on 13 June, 2019.

13 June 2019 - 13 June 2019

Móstoles / Madrid, Spain

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Project partners will proudly present the research facility and show the significance of SUN-to-LIQUID research and innovation for policy, science and the industry. A panel discussion with key stakeholders to highlight the progress and perspectives of solar fuels will follow.

Date: 13 June, 2019
Time: 11:30 – 17:30
Venue / Host: IMDEA Energy Institute
Avenida Ramón de la Sagra, 3
28935 Móstoles
Madrid, Spain

informative talks
+ overview of project achievements
+ presentations by renowned speakers from industry, research, government and European Commission

interactive sessions
+ visit to the solar-thermochemical fuel facility
+ panel discussion

SUN-to-LIQUID at a glance
The primary objective of the SUN‐to‐LIQUID project is the scale‐up, field demonstration and pre-commercial validation of the complete process chain to solar hydrocarbon fuels from H2O and CO2. The implementation of the solar research plant is a joint effort of the European project partners and comprises:
1. a high‐flux solar concentrating subsystem
2. a solar thermochemical reactor subsystem, and
3. a gas‐to‐liquid conversion subsystem.
The long‐term perspective is to establish a solar fuel supply for demanding transportation sectors, such as aviation, which cannot easily substitute hydrocarbon fuels by electromobility or hydrogen.

Organizational matters
Participation is free of charge, requires registration and is limited to a maximum number of 90 participants. Important note: Please bring your valid identification proof (National ID or passport), for the security check to the venue. The travel costs for this event should be borne by the participants.

Further information
SUN-to-LIQUID website:
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Event details and online registration


solar fuels, solar hydrocarbon fuels, drop-in fuels, aviation, renewable fuels, solar thermochemical fuels, liquid hydrocarbon fuels, mobility, transport, CO2 reduction


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