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Destriero Dissemination Day Event

The Dissemination Day event will be held in Dublin in collaboration with the S-Help project and will involve a number of invited guess. The event involves presentations and demonstrations of the Destriero and S-Help project tool sets.

19 August 2016 - 19 August 2016

There is a recognised need to close the knowledge capacity gap between the scientific security research community and first responders, and their allied crisis and emergency response stakeholders. The DESTRIERO Dissemination Day, which is driven by Saadian Technologies and supported by Future Analytics Consulting, aims to help fill that gap. The event is designed to share knowledge and understanding between different parties involved in crisis and disaster management from a scientific or operational perspective.

The results of the European DESTRIERO project will be presented at the event, which will also feature S-HELP, an FP7 project coordinated by University College Cork-Business Information Systems (UCC-BIS) that is developing a decision support system for healthcare responders in large-scale disasters.

The dissemination day will be hosted by Future Analytics Consulting, in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin on Friday 19th August 2016 and will provide an excellent forum for cross-fertilization and networking communications between representatives of the various disciplines involved in the crisis and disaster management sector.

DESTRIERO delivered a platform in the form of a post-crisis needs assessment tool to collect data in interoperable formats from stakeholders to help to determine priorities and plans in the crisis reconstruction phase and strategic decision making process. The resulting platform and decision support tool is of interest to stakeholders involved in the process of reconstruction and recovery planning. Recently, the platform tool was demonstrated in Madrid to relevant European crisis and emergency stakeholders, including the Hungarian National Police and the Spanish Military Emergency Unit, and it was well received. The tool supports the process of continuous damage and contamination assessment, through a process of monitoring and updating, with the support of satellite data enriched by in-field data collection by sensors, mobile operators and related data integration and analysis.

The DESTRIERO consortium comprises 13 European organisations, including the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Inspector Lex McCoubrey from the PSNI will address the audience at the DESTRIERO Dissemination Day event outlining the end-user benefits of using the platform tool. Allan Coyle, Operations Manager of Saadian Technologies, will demonstrate the platform at the event and Elena Francioni (e-GEOS, Italy), DESTRIERO’s Project Coordinator, will explain the project in detail and outline how to find out more about the project and the tool.

While DESTRIERO addresses the post-crisis needs assessment, the S-HELP project is focused on the development of a decision support system for emergency responders in a large-scale emergency and it adopts a holistic approach for healthcare preparedness, response and recovery. Coordinator Dr. Karen Neville of UCC-BIS will present the project. The day will also feature additional S-HELP consortium members from UCC-BIS and Future Analytics Consulting who will focus in on the development of a crisis communication within the project.

The event will be chaired by Tom Flynn (@TomFlynnConsult), of the DESTRIERO project who was involved in the development of the proposals for both S-HELP and DESTRIERO, which as you can see were successfully received by the European Commission.

Details on both projects can be accessed at the following web sites:

DESTRIERO website:

S-HELP website:


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