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Fit for Health 2.0 International Strategy Development Training

Fit for Health 2.0 in collaboration with LISAvienna is organizing an international strategy development training, with a focus on innovative business solutions and smart financing. This training will be organised in collaboration with an international Business Treff, taking place the evening before. The international strategy development training for Life Sciences Executives of SMEs is taking place on October 13th, 2016, in Vienna.

13 October 2016 - 13 October 2016

The training is tailored to senior executive representatives of high-tech / research intensive SMEs of all health-related sectors (incl. pharma, biotech, med-tech, therapeutics, diagnostics, e-health, high-end research services etc.) who see clear growth potential, and who have not completed their product/services development yet.

The training will focus on aspects and difficulties that executives usually face when developing their technology, products and their organization. An introduction to the principles of valuation and negotiation with equity investors in life sciences will be presented, followed by a case study in which a drug in development will be value, and a discussion in how to negotiate a fair licensing deal. Case studies will also help to understand which pitfalls can be circumvented and what needs to be considered for business planning around IP including "Freedom to Operate". Moreover, better understanding about writing and communicating business plans will be discussed.

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The training is connected and follows a Business Treff on October 12th, 2016, in Vienna, Austria, organized with LISAvienna, the joint life science platform operated by austria wirtschaftsservice and the Vienna Business Agency. During this evening event first lessons learned almost three years after the start of Horizon 2020, the research and innovation framework programme will be discussed. Together with representatives from the European Commission, international experts for financing, valuation, Intellectual Property (IP), innovation and business development and two companies experiences, opportunities but also challenges in Horizon 2020 will be presented.

Further details about the programme & trainers and the possibility to register for the Business Treff under


strategic development, SMEs, Life Sciences, IPR, smart financing, innovative business