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XXXII ISPIM Innovation Conference: Innovating Our Common Future

The ISPIM Innovation Conference 2021 "Innovating Our Common Future" is a three-day event that brings together world-renowned experts on innovation management. Around 700 researchers, managers, business and thought leaders from around 50 countries will share insights on innovation management hot-topics.

20 June 2021 - 23 June 2021
Berlin, Germany

When the Berlin wall came down 30 years ago, no one knew where this would take the city, or Europe as a whole. Unforeseeable threats came along with radically new opportunities. Especially the latter attracted an international, diverse crowd of curious and creative people who turned the city into the vibrant hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship it is today - a "brain city". 40,000 new start-ups per year, numerous innovation hubs of larger companies, and leading-edge research and science facilities attract newcomers while the development of the city and its infrastructure struggle to keep up with its growth. Where east meets west, in a capital city crammed with history and ideas, where ambitious sustainability goals meet challenging hurdles to be overcome.


innovation, innovationmanagement, sustainability