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Will you be at Aquaculture Europe 2016?

aquaSmart ( the data analytics solution for the fish farming community will be launched at the Aquaculture Europe 2016 event.

21 September 2016 - 23 September 2016
United Kingdom

aquaSmart ready to increase fish farming performance:

The aquaSmart consortium ( is pleased to announce the launch of its aquaSmart platform. In addition to this, the data analytics solution will be unveiled at the Aquaculture Europe 2016 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 20th.

So what can aquaSmart do for you?

Well a number of things. For example, one of the important questions that aquaculture producers face today is: how to select the feeding rate and thus decide on the appropriate feeding strategy in order to get the most beneficial business results. Significant divergences in feeding values can lead to either overfeeding or underfeeding, which is uneconomical, and not what fish farmers need. The wrong feed parameters will reduce production performance and therefore profit margins.

aquaSmart addresses this issue; it uses data analytics and predictive modelling to reliably predict the Feed Conversion Rate, capturing the underlying inter-correlations between the feed attributes, the feeding rate and the fish growth. The analysis is based on periodic, sampling to sampling, datasets. In short, aquaSmart makes science work for fish farmers. Hence, what aquaSmart aims to provide is a radical new way for providing fish farmers with software and services that is aimed at helping them to improve their productivity, reduce cost (including feed) and increase their profit margin while at the same time support the environment. The aquaSmart team will be demonstrating at Aquaculture Europe 2016, booth 97 and we would be delighted to invite you along to see how aquaSmart can better manage your processes and costs significantly.

Should you like to arrange a time to meet at booth 97, please contact Gary McManus at email: or by phone: +353 51 302920.

Tom Flynn.
aquaSmart Communications Manager.
Twitter: @TomFlynnConsult Skype: tomflynn172


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