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Winter School "Project Design in H2020" (Turin, 1st module: 30/11/2016–02/12/2016; 2nd module: 11/01/2017-12/01/2017)

This is a training pathway dealing with techniques for successful project design in Horizon. The 1st module (30/11/2016–02/12/2016) will analyse proposal forms, allowing participants to acquire the competence needed to complete administrative, technical and financial sections of the proposals. The 2nd module (11/01/2017-12/01/2017) will allow to apply the competences acquired, by simulating draft and evaluation of an actual project proposal.

30 November 2016 - 12 January 2017

This Winter School will allow participants to acquire and apply in practice the techniques and know-how needed to design successful project proposals in Horizon 2020 (particularly within the Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership pillars).

The lectures will describe the entire process of preparation of a successful project proposal, from the identification of the topic of interest up to proposal submission and evaluation.

The training pathway will consist of two modules:

• The first (Turin, 30 November 2016 – 2 December 2016), eminently theoretical, will analyse the Horizon proposal forms and offer techniques and tips to fill in each section: thus, trainees will acquire the competence needed to complete administrative, technical and financial sections of the proposals.
• The second (Turin, 11-12 January 2017) will be solely practical and will allow participants to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired. They will be subdivided in homogenous working groups and will then have to draft an entire project proposal on the basis of an actual topic in Horizon. Their work will be supported and supervised in all phases by trainers and tutors from EU CORE – both by face-to-face guidance during the two-day workshop and, afterwards, remotely.

After the workshop tutors and trainees, working remotely, will make use of shared files: EU CORE tutors, on request of the trainees, will either correct the files directly or offer appropriate guidance to help trainees complete such files.
The project proposals thus drafted will then be evaluated using the European Commission forms and award criteria; communication on the outcome of the evaluation will be sent via e-mail and will be discussed in a video-conference involving the trainees in each working group and the trainers and tutors from EU CORE.

It is possible to attend both modules or only one (benefiting from a reduced fee).

Attendance either to one module or to the entire training pathway will also entitle you, within the following six months (i.e. up to September 2017), to have a project abstract evaluated on the basis of Horizon 2020 requirements and award criteria and / or to a video conference (duration max. 2 hours) where EU CORE trainers and tutors will offer guidance on project design tailored to your needs.

The course addresses the needs expressed by personnel of universities, public and private research centres, enterprises and public authorities, as well as individual researchers interested in submitting project proposals in the framework of Horizon 2020 and particularly within the Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership pillars. The course can be an effective tool to help participants to successfully design projects, as well as to further develop their internal project management strategies. It can also provide a good opportunity to network and to share good practices.

THE COURSE WILL BE HELD IN ITALIAN. Courses can also be offered in English on demand.

1st module: Wednesday 30 November (from 09:00 to 17:30), Thursday 1 December (from 09:00 to 17:30), Friday 2 December (from 09:00 to 13:00).
2nd module: Thursday 11 January (from 09:00 to 18:00), Friday 12 January (from 09:00 to 18:00).

In all cases, the fee includes tuition, documentation (both in printed and electronic format), certificate, morning coffees and lunches.

Course venue: Centro Regus Torino (Via San Francesco D'Assisi 22 - 10121 Torino).

Deadline for registration: 21 November 2016.

Agenda of the 1st module:
Agenda of the 1st module:
(registration form available in both pages).


Horizon 2020, Techniques for Project Design