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ALUM Workshop: Bringing together science and practice

International conference on Migration and Integration from 2-4 November 2016 at the University of Mannheim. The goal of the conference is to promote research on migration and facilitate exchange between academics and policymakers working in this area.

2 November 2016 - 4 November 2016

The Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) brings together academics from renowned international universities to work together to promote research on issues of migration, and facilitate contacts between academics and policymakers working on migration. The network aims to connect academics in Europe and North Africa and the Middle East and provide relevant knowledge and insights to political and civil society actors with regard to the following themes:

1) Understanding push and pull factors of migration flows;
2) Assessing the impact of emigration on origin countries;
3) Evaluating immigrant integration policies in host countries;
4) Assessing national and transnational challenges and coping strategies for migration and pathways towards a fairer allocation mechanism for refugees.

Format: Building on the success of ALUM’s research conference in Siracusa in April, the Mannheim workshop 2016 strives to offer a format that appeals to both researchers and practitioners drawing on research and builds bridges between them.

• Researchers are asked to present their findings in “policy brief format”. Policy briefs should consist of concise summaries of studies (1-3 pages, ideally using illustrative graphics), and be easy to understand for practitioners and contain policy recommendations.

• Practitioners on the other hand are asked to emphasize challenges they face, questions they regard as essential and ways in which research can help them.

The workshop will also explore possibilities for extending the network and joint projects, especially with Horizon 2020 applications in mind.