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BASMATI Workshop: Novel Nanomaterials for Energy and Printing Applications

This workshop organised by the BASMATI project gathers high-level researchers and industry representatives in the field of printing nanomaterials, printing systems and applications. This includes business associations and companies situated at different stages of the value chain. The event gathers professionals of the Battery, Printed Electronics and Advanced Materials sectors aiming to learn from and exchange with speakers from the OE-A, EMIRI, Unicore, 3M, Leclanché, CEA, Varta, and Novalia.

23 November 2016 - 23 November 2016

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Tim Van Rompaey, Umicore
Contanze Ranfeld, OE-A
Marcel Meeus, EMIRI
Yohann Thomas, CEA
Chris Jones, Novalia
Maziar Ahmadi, LEITAT
Martin Krebs, VARTA Microbatteries
Hugues-Yanis Amanieu, Leclanche
Petra Stegmaier, 3M

We welcome:
• Printed Electronics academics and technical experts
• Printed Electronics industry representatives
• Partners of research projects active in Printed Electronics
• Any Printed Electronics stakeholders


Printed electronics, Energy storage, Batteries, Nanomaterials