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Strong line-up for EITC '94

The EITC '94 conference, taking place on 6-8 June 1994 at the Palais des Congres in Brussels, will be comprised of eight parallel sessions. The conference will be addressed by Mr. M. Bangemann, Commissioner for Industrial Affairs, Information Technologies and Telecommunication...

6 June 1994 - 6 June 1994

The EITC '94 conference, taking place on 6-8 June 1994 at the Palais des Congres in Brussels, will be comprised of eight parallel sessions. The conference will be addressed by Mr. M. Bangemann, Commissioner for Industrial Affairs, Information Technologies and Telecommunications, who will present a paper on IT and the transformation of enterprise entitled "The new information markets". This will be followed by a series of discussions.

On the theme of "Technologies for the information infrastructure", Mr. G. Metakides (Director, DG III/F) will address the plenary session of the conference on "RTD actions: Information technology".

Eight parallel sessions, described below, will follow the plenary session.

- Long-term research:
. A round-table discussion on the "Interaction of the future" examines the challenge for information technology to be used more effectively by opening up new modes of interaction and by optimizing existing ones.
. "Trends and perspectives in operating systems" will look at the research orientation and characteristics of a future generation of systems.
. The theme of "Computer supported cooperative work: Implementation of approaches and modes" will explore the role of information technology in supporting cooperative work and the relevant technical issues, problems and solutions.

- Technologies for IT components and subsystems:
. The first panel session will address "Business opportunities for microsystems", including the prospects of microsystems and their potential impact on the business opportunities of large and small companies.
. "Flat panel displays, an opportunity for Europe" will discuss the trends, directions and business opportunities for flat panel displays.
. The panel on "Requirements for semiconductor industries in Europe" will identify the requirements which user industries expect from semiconductor suppliers and discuss the consequences.

- Software technologies:
. In the context of the information society and new software opportunities and challenges for both the user and the producer, Mr. D. Talbot (DG III) will discuss "Industrial context and the new framework programme".
. "Software technology serving new needs" will cover systems engineering, geographical information systems and future software technology.

- High-performance computing and networking (HPCN)
. In a discussion entitled "HPCN enables us to improve the way we work", panellists from major industrial and services sectors will review the current and future opportunities offered to Europe's enterprises by high-performance computing and networking.
. During a discussion on "High-performance simulation and trans-European activities", panellists from major industrial and services sectors will present their views on the opportunities offered by high-performance simulation in the design and operation of trans-European activities in order to animate a discussion on the technical issues and challenges being faced.

- Multimedia technologies:
. On the theme of "Multimedia technologies: Major trends and directions, and future economic and societal impacts", Mr. A. Stajano (DG III) will examine "Strategic R&D developments in generic information technologies in the area of multimedia technologies supported in the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998)".
. On the subject of "New market opportunities created by the convergence of information technology, communication and consumer electronics industries", Mr. N. Hazewindus (Chairman of the ESPRIT Steering Committee) will discuss "Opportunities in Europe: A contribution at the initiative of the ESPRIT Steering Committee".

- Integration in manufacturing:
. The theme of new manufacturing paradigms will examine the way in which these paradigms are being sought to re-think, re-shape and re-energize enterprises, fully realizing the potential of the individual to better prepare for current and future challenges.
. A discussion on "Environmentally friendly manufacturing" will address the impact on the environment of engineered products and processes and the contribution that advanced information technology can make to cleaner production techniques.

- Open microprocessor systems initiative:
. The results and future directions of the open microprocessor systems initiative, with reference to the Fourth Framework Programme, will be discussed by Mr. R. Zobel (DG III).
. A panel will present the industrial benefits of the open microprocessor systems initiative to the participants. It will examine the value of the European libraries of microprocessor supercells and systems software to SMEs and large companies from the supplier and user domains.

- Technologies for business processes:
. "Visions of the enterprise in 2000" will be introduced by Mr. R. Zobel (DG III) and will examine company competitiveness, competitive advantage and the role of technology.
. "The enterprise - The way ahead" will look at management science, technology management and technology for business processes.

The conference will conclude with a forum on "IT and the transformation of enterprise" which will address how Europe's enterprises can implement and exploit the transition to an information-infrastructure-based society and industry, in the context of the follow-up to the White Paper on Growth, Competitiveness, Employment. Mr. R. Perissich (Director-General, DG III) will provide an introduction to the Forum.