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Open-innovation Platform strengthening cooperation and joint development of bio-based industries and downstream sectors

Structure the exchange of bio-based industries and downstream sectors in an open-innovation process. The proposal should focus on the establishment and facilitation of the operations of an open-innovation platform looking at:

  • Build prospective on the development of bio-based products markets in collaboration with downstream sectors and brand owners (for sectors like packaging, automotive, construction, textile, personal care and cosmetics, etc.).
  • Assemble an ecosystem of private companies along the bio-based value chain (including first, second transformation and downstream industry) and public organisations.
  • Foster exchanges within the Open-innovation platform ecosystem to better understand market and societal needs and opportunities for bio-based products development.
  • Facilitate the emergence of co-innovation partnerships across industries, value chains, and scientific fields, in order to develop new bio-based solutions for tomorrow’s societal needs.

Such operations should include:

  • Manage a network of academic, technological and prospective experts to further the open-innovation platform vision and perform prospective studies on upcoming technologies and downstream markets.
  • Create and manage online communities of interest to bring together ideas within and across the value chains, and transform ideas into innovation projects, hand-in-hand with partners.
  • Create a Knowledge and Innovation Centre, respecting confidentiality, collecting the prospective and insight of the community to provide high added-value content and tools to inform the co-innovation partnerships.

Organise specific events and workshops to dig deeper into bio-based industries prospective studies and to develop networking opportunities in view of generating co-innovation projects.

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) will set up an industry expert group from among its members which will provide expertise in the implementation and follow-up of the different tasks and also provide support to the organisation of meetings or workshops. This expert group should be a central part of the governance structure of the project.

Indicative funding: It is considered that proposals with a total eligible budget of up to EUR 1 million EUR would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals with another budget.

As bio-based intermediates are becoming more mature, and entering new markets, one of the major hurdles to develop new bio-based solutions is the lack of adequate knowledge of the bio-based industries of the applications; and vice-versa the unawareness of down-stream industries of those new materials. Cross-sectorial exchanges and joint development are therefore essential to imagine tomorrow’s products and solutions.

  • An efficient collaborative and common platform, bringing together the professionals and scientific experts around bio-based products development and downstream applications, building a common vision and prospective of the challenge ahead.
  • A Knowledge and Innovation Centre, with a web platform, accompanying scientist and economic operators in the development of new solutions suited to the markets current and future needs.
  • At least three detailed prospective studies on major applications sectors of the bioeconomy.
  • At least 10 new co-innovation partnerships.
  • Ensure continuation of the Open Innovation Platform beyond the project.