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Crisis management topic 4: Feasibility study for strengthening capacity-building for health and security protection in case of large-scale pandemics – Phase I Demo

Specific Challenge:

Emerging diseases and their pandemic potential pose a great security threat at national and EU level, particularly in the era of globalization when disease can spread more rapidly than in previous eras. Thirty four percent of all deaths worldwide are now attributable to infectious disease, while war only accounts for 0.64 percent of those deaths. Improving capacity-building is key to fight epidemics and the European Union must increase its efforts to improve domestic and global risk assessment, surveillance, communication capability and governance. Additionally, reducing disease transmission through public education and related measures is also crucial to minimizing pandemic impacts, i.e. for health security and protection in case of large-scale pandemics, further capacity-building is essential.


Based on the consolidation and exploitation of results, tools and systems from previous R&D efforts and building on existing projects, the overall aim is to develop viable innovative concepts. Approaches should integrate relevant research as well as aspects related to risk assessment, communication, education and governance, thus contributing to improve cooperation between science and society. Concepts should be developed with a view to cross-border approaches. The proposal should aim at identifying gaps and research and priorities to be addressed in a second phase focusing on demonstration.

 In line with the EU's strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation[1] international cooperation is encouraged, and in particular with international research partners involved in ongoing discussions and workshops, and US homeland security research entities. Funding for third countries is however still subject to the  evaluations.


Expected impact:

The central aim of this topic is to prepare a future large scale demonstration project on large scale pandemics.

The following impacts are expected:

-          identification of research gaps and priorities for improving capacity-building at transnational level with a view to prepare for a demonstration project including all relevant actors, including SMEs;

-          identification of innovative concepts that would allow to better integrate existing tools and systems for a strengthened capacity-building for health and security protection in case of large-scale pandemics;

-          analysis of feasability of a future demonstration project.

The action is expected to proactively target the needs and requirements of users, such as health and security agencies, civil protection units and first responders.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions



[1] COM(2012)497