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Platform-driven e-infrastructure innovation


Proposals will address parts (a) or (b), but not both:

(a) Support to Public Procurement of innovative HPC systems, PPI (proposals should address all points below):

(1) procurement of innovative HPC solutions supporting the deployment in Europe of world-leading HPC capability infrastructure

(2) ensuring and reinforcing European access to European leading-edge supercomputing Tier-0 infrastructures and services, by making available a substantial percentage of the new systems to European researchers in the frame of the Pan-European High Performance Computing infrastructure and services (see EINFRA-11-2016)

(3) diversify the available leading-class HPC capabilities through a rich set of HPC architectures featuring the most advanced technology made available by R&I (Research and Innovation) in Europe, in order to satisfy the needs of a wider range of users in very different key application areas

(4) contribute to the coordination of p

Prepare the capacity required to future generations of e-infrastructure is the key challenge. e-Infrastructure platforms and services need to evolve through innovation actions to respond to the long-term needs of research and education communities (e.g. in case of large RIs entering in functions in a 5 to 10 years' timeframe). Platforms and services are first designed, prototyped and piloted with ""supply and demand-side"" approaches triggered by to the most demanding cases. The innovative developments bringing state-of the-art technology need to evolve and mature to be integrated and offered as dependable e-infrastructures.

(a) Support to Public Procurement of innovative HPC systems, PPI: This action will contribution to the European HPC strategy through the creation of a European procurement market for the benefit of the HPC actors in Europe (in particular technology suppliers) and catalysing the efforts to vitalise the European HPC ecosystem. It position Europe as a world-class HPC hub with more leading-class HPC computing resources and services available at European level for European academia and industry, independently of the location of users or HPC systems. It will foster adoption and use of innovative world-class HPC solutions featuring the most advanced results of the R&I in Europe, widening the access to more users, in particular for and industry (including SMEs). It will improve effectiveness of public procurement in leading-class HPC systems through joint procurement and pooling of European and national resources, contributing to sustainability. Benefits will also translate in better