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Support for the enhancement of the impact of FoF PPP projects

Specific challenge:Dissemination, exploitation and transfer of projects results are crucial activities during project life-time and beyond in order to make sure that projects have the expected impacts. Clustering of project activities, according to objectives and addressed themes, and their inter-linking with existing technology transfer activities, are effective ways to stimulate the take-up of project results and to exploit synergies. An adequate monitoring of such activities during the project life-time and beyond is also needed, to ensure an effective implementation at programme level.

Scope: The coordination actions shall aim in particular to actively cluster existing activities under the FoF PPP. The initiative, which is expected to last 2 years, will require close collaboration with relevant industrial associations and technology transfer programmes.

Activities may include: 

                Reviews of recent technological developments, publications, international RTD and innovation programmes within the technological area of the cluster

                Workshops with top-ranked international experts from various disciplines aiming at the elaboration of future FoF priorities within the technological area of the cluster.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU between EUR 250 000 and 300 000 would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Expected impact:

The impact on the areas of application of the projects is expected to be:

                Speeding up industrial exploitation and take up of results of FoF PPP projects.

                Stimulation of networks and alliances for further RTD and industrial innovation in the addressed technology and application areas, including the development and practical application of a clustering model.

                Added value beyond the original scope of the FoF PPP projects by exploiting synergies and sharing best practice. Increased public presence and awareness of FoF PPP activities.

                More effective execution of activities of common interest, such as IPR management and standardisation.

                Anticipation of business trends and market prospects.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions