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Pertussis vaccination research

Specific Challenge

Despite the success and relatively large vaccination coverage with pertussis vaccines in industrialised countries, pertussis remains one of the leading causes of vaccine-preventable deaths world-wide, and there has been resurgence of pertussis incidents in certain countries that calls for action.


The scope of the topic comprises investigations into the differences between whole cell and acellular pertussis vaccines, in particular with regards to their ability to generate protection against infection, disease, carriage  and transmission, as well as with regards to establishing long term immunological memory, and the role of maternal antibody in modulating immune responses to pertussis vaccination in infants

Expected Impact

The knowledge acquired will be useful in understanding the reasons underlying the resurgence of pertussis disease in school age children, adolescents, and younger adults and ultimately provide clues as to how current vaccines and vaccination schedules can be modified to enhance protection in these populations as well as at-risk populations globally.


 IMI contribution:                       EUR 14 000 000

EFPIA contribution:                   EUR 7 000 000

IMI2 JU Associated Partners’ contribution:          EUR 7 000 000

Total:                                       EUR 28 000 000